October 2008


29 Oct 2008, Posted by Annabelle Fiset in Art, Design, Urban

“Want!” That’s the first thing that comes to mind even before telling you what it is. Headhoods are hand-screened hoodies made by New York-based designer/musician Clinton Van Gemert. Comfort, style and surprise, we like simple ideas. He ships everywhere; $49.99 for adult sizes, $34.99 for…

FF Fagomo Bold, 48pt. 60% Cocoa, minimum.

24 Oct 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Art, Life, Urban

Right now? I’d gladly devour a 500-word article, minimum. Typographer’s tools, made from chocolate with 60% cocoa, 48 points in size… that’s what TYPOLADE offers, based out of Stuttgart, Germany. This gives me ideas… like printing poems with jam and caramel, on sheets of host….

24 Stories about Ghost Towns and Abandoned Cities

20 Oct 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Urban

Around this time of year, Halloween and all, you have to try to get scared at least a little. However, these photos and stories hold a certain fascination (so not really scary for the moment) in these 24 Empty Villages and their Inhabitants. From architectural…

2009, A Crash and a Few Kleenex

20 Oct 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Advertising, Design, Toast

And how are your 2009 planning meetings with your clients going? For us at Toast, the sea seems relatively calm. But I received a call from a potential client in the financial field who kindly explained: “We have to put the Web strategy drafting on…

Rita’s Folder Chairs

20 Oct 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Design

We love seeing Montreal-based studios shine. I discovered Rita’s Folder Chairs on Apartment Therapy, huge interior-design blog based out of Chicago.

Academic Signs

19 Oct 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Design

For the West London Academy, Graphic Through Facility developed a series of signs and symbols with character. The project was in 2006, but we stumbled across the link via Coudal Partners last week.

Eresys Invites Cordial Soirée at Salon Daomé

17 Oct 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Life, Urban

Christian Thibault, happy web producer at Toast and DJ, will be at Salon Daomé on October 25th. If you missed him at Laïka or at CIBL this summer, time to get caught up. Couple details: Saturday October 25th, come dance at Salon Daomé. Yan Parenteau…

Nintendo Wii, the Danger of Realism

17 Oct 2008, Posted by Samuel Paquet Paré in Voyeur

At Toast, we work hard. But sometimes to have fun, we whip out a game of Wii to relax a bit. We’ve never gone this far, though 😀 …

Jam Goes Live! Let’s Celebrate!

08 Oct 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Toast, Work

We’ve had this blog up our sleeve for awhile now. We’ve been secretly practicing and auto-critiquing on the desired tone and content of the articles and wrote a fair bit of content before putting it all online. Voilà! It’s done! As soon as we finished…