November 2008

A Privacy Policy Generator

29 Nov 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Interactive, Tools

In several projects, the legal aspect takes a lot of space while in others it is sometimes (wrongfully) ignored. Be it in terms of rights of use, privacy policies or terms of use (to name a few), mentioning them in meetings does not always put…

Lovesong (Rome, Italy) and Personal Projects

26 Nov 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Art, Design, Toast

Here at Toast, we always encourage our team members to pursue personal projects. Whether directly related to their expertise or something entirely different, each person has personal interests that extend the work base. We like to grant time and resources in these cases, the studio…


25 Nov 2008, Posted by Annabelle Fiset in Art, Portfolio, Toast

Tzine the quarterly Toast fanzine distributed to collaborators, clients, friends and anyone else. They are small publications filled with a wealth of information, updates about our projects, our troops and our talents. Printed b&w with a touch of screenprinting to add fun to the preparation….

Bell, not as transparent as they seem.

21 Nov 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Interactive, Voyeur

Admit it. The title really had you hooked… but it’s Friday! One discovers things often without looking. During a discussion with Annabelle, our artistic director, we discovered a graphic designer who uses the ‘Magic Wand’ Photoshop tool a little bit too casually to prepare media…

Today But Not Tomorrow

17 Nov 2008, Posted by Annabelle Fiset in Art

Earlier I found something I might as well post about today, seeing as I’m already a little bit late and tomorrow it will be even later. Take a few minutes to check out Today is the Day. It’s fun, well done and makes you feel…

We Want More!

12 Nov 2008, Posted by Annabelle Fiset in Advertising, Art, Urban

We want more displays like this. Coloured, decorated bikes decorating forlorn over-expensive parking meters; bikes that are locked up there to tell us something, something like, “Sign up”… I’ve seen two clown-bicycles on St-Denis. I would gladly see them all over the Plateau and downtown…

3 projects finished in the recent weeks

11 Nov 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Portfolio, Toast, Work

We’ve been terribly busy in the past few months and have recently launched 3 online projects. Take You Butt Outside Website for the 2008 Smoke-Free Family project campaign; the online part of the campaign we developed over the summer (which also included TV, radio…


07 Nov 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Toast

Since July, Infivia Solutions is no more. We have become Toast Studio. Over nearly 10 years, our service offering has greatly evolved; what started as a web development firm has become a design studio that integrates a variety of platforms. Rethinking the brand name seemed…

There’s nothing quite like automatic translation

06 Nov 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Voyeur

Keeping with yesterday’s Canada Post theme, earlier this morning I received my Rogers bill. I’ll keep it short… how many mistakes do you count in that sentence? Pretty impressive… Thank you, Rogers.

We love our clients… and their children!

05 Nov 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Art, Life, Toast

This morning, with the mail came a cheque, which is always pleasant. More importantly, with the cheque was a children’s drawing. It really made my day. Our clients like us and we like them; apparently it’s contagious and children have also been infected! For your…