December 2008

Canada’s Most Popular Search Queries of 2008

22 Dec 2008, Posted by Samuel Paquet Paré in Interactive, Life

Here are Canada’s most sought-out trends of 2008. A couple days ago, Google posted its famous Google Zeitgeist. It compiles the billions of queries made on the search engine in 2008, listing the most researched topics in Canada and around the world. Here are a…

Barack Obama’s Campaign Logo, the Making-of

16 Dec 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Design

The American campaign completely over-shadowed its Canadian counter-part and while I’d be interested in learning more about the design of the Conservatives’ logo, I’ll stick to what I found via Brand New. Sol Sender was the head of Sender LLC, design studio, when MODE (a…

Sexy Packaging

16 Dec 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Design

What more to add… Seal designed by the French (now living in London) Jules Tardy. (via Unplugged)

New Foundry by Thinkdust

10 Dec 2008, Posted by Annabelle Fiset in Design, Type

Thinkdust, a Nottingham-based agency, is launching a new font, Miyagi, inspired by the famous 70s and 80s font, Yagi Link Double while simultaneously launching a new digital type foundry, HypeForType. They’re looking for talented type designers, for those of you who would be interested. [email protected]

Controversial Pepsi Ads… and Apologies

08 Dec 2008, Posted by Samuel Paquet Paré in Advertising, Design, Voyeur

Pepsi Max recently launched a very controversial ad campaign. Developed by BBDO Dusseldörf, it depicts three variations of a suicidal calorie. In one, the calorie has a noose around its neck and a puts a bullet to its head; in another, it is strapped to…

Christoph Niemann Illustrations. Coffee and Paper Napkins.

05 Dec 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Art, Urban

Christoph Niemann has illustrated children’s books, made the cover of the New Yorker and much, much more. He lived in New York for 11 years but has now moved to Berlin with his family, all while continuing to work with the Big Apple. (Decidedly, 2008…

Twice as FAST !

02 Dec 2008, Posted by Erguder Bekrek in Techno

You know… as soon as I saw the commercials on TV for the new iPhone, I was really impressed by the performance and the speed at which the applications seemed to run. I even told myself it was vastly superior to my new INTEL QUAD…

In 1971, Interior Design Reached New Heights

01 Dec 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Design, Life, Urban, Voyeur

We take a moment to reflect and let out initial thoughts and feelings decant while looking that the images from the series The Practical Encyclopaedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement. There are obviously some rooms that are not that impressive but in other cases……