January 2009

When a fire extinguisher design becomes potentially dangerous

31 Jan 2009, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Design

The blogs DVICE et Swiss Miss point us towards the prototype for an all-new extinguisher : the Act Fire Extinguisher. Sigrun Vik, design student at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design is of the opinion (which is wrong, if you ask me) that we…

[Positions filled] Let’s hire! 4 job openings right here at Toast

29 Jan 2009, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Toast, Work

PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE POSITIONS HAVE NOW BEEN FILLED. It’s not every day that a firm like ours starts hiring like this. We have 4 (yes, 4!) job openings for full-time positions here in Montreal. We are looking for cadidates (extraordinary, adorable, funny and loaded…

10 Years of Cultural Posters

24 Jan 2009, Posted by Annabelle Fiset in Design, Portfolio, Toast, Work

In the past 10 years, Toast has worked with many partners from the documentary and theatre field. These projects gave way to many cultural posters, a bunch of which did not receive the visibility they deserved. We’ve decided to select a shortlist of posters. Here…

A Meal for Dying

22 Jan 2009, Posted by Samuel Paquet Paré in Voyeur

Here is a fairly entertaining video on junk food and The Heart Attack Grill, a pretty original fast-food restaurant, who seems rather proud to show off their menu, that boasts food high in fat and dangerous for your health! No doubt about it. Bon appétit!

Death of the great, admirable Shigeo Fukuda

16 Jan 2009, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Design

Shigeo Fukuda (1932-2009), image giant and ‘model’ of talent, passed away last Monday. What to say… He had a magical sense of his pencils, of optical illusions, of simple yet powerful and fun images. He had such images smarts! He is one of my favourites,…

Short history of marketing in the last 50 years

14 Jan 2009, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Advertising, Social web

Marketing methodologies have greatly changed in the past 50 years. No one is surprised by the news. But how to explain it simply and well? This video by Michael Reissinger does the job REALLY (really) well. Orginally produced for the Scholz & Friends agency, you…

Brand New’s “Different” Conclusion on Greater Montreal’s Logo

10 Jan 2009, Posted by Samuel Paquet Paré in Design

An article was recently published by the well-respected Brand New concerning the new Greater Montreal logo that was done last October. Conclusion: it is fabulous and very well-executed. It is quite the opposite from the Québécois’ view, who do not seem to like the logo…

Are You Possessed?

08 Jan 2009, Posted by Erguder Bekrek in Voyeur

p>This article is dedicated to a close friend of mine who has a lot of trouble sleeping at night, due to insomnia. That being said, let’s try to understand to causes of this sleep disorder. The brain is an extraordinary machine that deals with an…

Thank you for 2008, let’s now tackle 2009′s projects

02 Jan 2009, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Toast, Work

Let me take a couple minutes to thank all who make our work at Toast so exciting. 2008 was a big year for us on many levels. New clients, a constantly renewed confidence from existing ones and growth that shows again this year that the…