May 2009

A First in Nunavik for Toast!

14 May 2009, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Interactive, Social web, Techno

We briefly mentioned this new gig in a recent post, but here are all the details on our contract with the Avataq Cultural Institute. An exciting project on Nunavik that is both a content-related challenge and a technological one. We also called on our friends…

Tree Artists

08 May 2009, Posted by Lionel Michée in Art

We knew about the “Méta-matics” (Jean Tinguely’s drawing machines). Now, here is their ecological counterpart. I really like the poetic idea of making trees draw, and the fact is that some have a very good sense of composition! Tim Knowles also makes cars draw and…

Kalup Linzy in Montreal

08 May 2009, Posted by Annabelle Fiset in Art

Last night I went to check out Parisian Laundry, lovely gallery in the St-Henri neighbourhood, to go to the opening of “Comedy, Tragedy, Sketches of Me”. For the first time in Canada, New York artist Kalup Linzy is presenting his world of videos and performances…

Track Influenza A (H1N1) in real-time

05 May 2009, Posted by Samuel Paquet Paré in Life

Here is a website that tracks the evolution of the influenza A virus (H1N1) in real-time. If you ask me, it’s rather frightening.

The End of Unproportionnate Gifts

01 May 2009, Posted by Julie Dufour in Design

It’s the beginning of May… it’s the perfect time to start talking about Christmas, isn’t it? Well, at least it gives you plenty of time to innocently leave this handy list lying around to avoid inappropriate gifts! Via : Simon Cook alias Cookie et Grainedit