June 2010 - Toast Studio

June 2010

Will Sencha democratise mobile development?

25 Jun 2010, Posted by Olivier Berthe in Interactive

Web developers often get revved up by the introduction of new solutions that allow us to broaden the range of products that we can, well… develop. We get into an even bigger frenzy when the learning curve isn’t to steep. Following the merger of various…

Defining innovation

22 Jun 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Innovation, Life

In a recent post on the innovator’s perception, Ellen Di Resta highlights the importance of accurately reading an individual and the way they see the world before assessing their ability to innovate. What I do know now is that when you are assessing someone’s ability…

Evolution of the Web: from 1.0 to 4.0

10 Jun 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Interactive, Social web, Toast

We know we are currently in the Web 2.0 era. But what’s next? Here’s the short story. 1.0 The Web (original) – Connects information 2.0 The Social Web – Connects people 3.0 The Semantic Web – Connects knowledge 4.0 The Ubiquitous Web – Connects intelligence…

iPhone4 + Community of Deaf People = Excitement

07 Jun 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Life, Techno, Urban, Work

Apple announced the launch of the iPhone 4 today (July in Canada). Obviosuly, it creates great excitement in the tech community (guilty as charged, being a consummate early adopter*). I do, however, think that one community—one who overal rarely gets emotional about new techno gizmos–will…