December 2010

Movember 2010 post-mortem: How We Raised Over $3,000

13 Dec 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Life, Toast, Urban

If you know Toast well or well enough, you certainly have heard of Movember throughout the month of November (We particularly pushed the subject on our Facebook page). We are especially proud of the sum we raised during our first participation in this movement. Now…

Véronique Gareau Chiasson joins Toast Studio as Project Manager

08 Dec 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Toast

(From our November 30th, 2010 press release) Toast Studio, which specializes in transmedia/multi-platform content creation and brand image alignment, is pleased to welcome Véronique Gareau Chiasson (ex-Bleu Blanc Rouge, ex-BAM Strategy) in its team. Having worked within large-scale agencies, she brings experience and method in…

.WWF: A green alternative to .PDF

08 Dec 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Advertising, Life, Techno, Urban

A brilliant and oh so simple alternative by WWF Germany. WWF documents are similar to PDFs, but they are non-printable. Download the WWF software, save your document in the new format and protect the environment. (via adverblog)

PROJECT Magazine on the iPad: a Mess Jammed With Potential

06 Dec 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Design, Interactive, Type, Urban

PROJECT magazine (launched by Richard Branson on November 30th) shows what the future of magazines on tablet PCs could be. They have indeed successfully created an interesting mix of video/slideshow/rich content and static text. After playing around with the application, my first thought was that…

Photoshop and iTunes Now Available in 3.5″ floppy disks!

06 Dec 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Art, Design, Techno

Nowadays, computer science teachers are faced with an odd challenge. Explaining the meaning of the “Save” icon on most applications, namely : the floppy disk, aka the diskette. Indeed, most young people today wouldn’t know a floppy disk if it bit them in the flash….