Spam In Your (real) Mailbox: Spot On, Montblanc!

26 Mar 2011, by Alexandre Gravel in Advertising, Type
montblanc dm letter

One tried and tested advertising technique, creatively speaking,  consists in transferring one medium’s traditional references to another medium. Here’s a great—and indelible— example:

Darryl Hort (Humongo Agency) received a letter in the mail (the actual physical mail!). He opened the envelope only to discover a hand-written letter that began this way:

“I am Barister Buba, nephew of the former President of Nigeria…”

We’ll let you figure the rest of the letter out…

The sole foreign element in the letter was the post-scriptum note at the bottom of the page, which read:

“Let’s face it, even a letter from an obvious fraudster seems quite authentic when it’s beautifully written by hand. Montblanc – Rediscover the power of the written word.”

This is a truly well done marketing stunt that has a lot of people talking. Some paper, a pen, an idea, a spot-on kicker!

Bravo Montblanc!

(via Brandflakes for Breakfast)