Author: Alexandre Gravel

Ubisoft turns to video marketing for latest game

25 Jan 2016, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Content, Transmedia

[yframe url=’’] For upcoming release, Ubisoft commissioned 4 films from video production influencers. The gaming community is a hard one to please. They are extremely critical of not only the games themselves, but also what kind of assets are produced off the IP (intellectual property),…

Managing Content Production Efficiency. Are you wasting money?

10 Nov 2015, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Content

Producing content is easy. Not throwing away money while doing so, not so much. Gleanster Research has recently surveyed over 3,000 mid-sized companies, trying to understand how the best of them manage their content production process. They evaluate that in the U.S. alone, surveyed firms…

The Economist is producing 15-minute long video content

02 Nov 2015, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Content

Not everyone is a victim of short attention span, you can produce longer-form assets for in-depth content. You might have noticed that, on a regular basis, I talk about longform content. While a lot of people believe in short, snackable content, I am a strong…

Content marketing lessons from 5 business cases

26 Oct 2015, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Content

Inspiring your strategy from success stories is a great way to kickstart your content marketing program. You can’t get a diploma in content marketing (yet), but you can try to learn from the best, and great case studies is an excellent source of learning material….

Producer Julie Dalbec Joins Leading Quebec Branded Content Agency

17 Jul 2015, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Toast

Addition of celebrated producer underscores growing dominance of Toast Studio in Quebec’s burgeoning branded content market Toast Studio today announced that accomplished producer Julie Dalbec has joined the agency. Julie has worked in television and advertising for over 15 years, climbing up the ranks of Zone3,…

It’s about content, not technology

24 Feb 2015, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Advertising, Branding, Content

Technology is what helps great content be found and consumed. But you still need great content. Programmatic advertising, real-time bidding, SEO, viewability metrics, all this technology that is part of the marketer’s toolbox. If you listen to some people, it is as if the success…

He had nailed everything about content

16 Feb 2015, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Content, Media, Media Convergence

New York Times’ media columnist left behind reading material for an entire generation. Last week, David Carr passed away. If you didn’t know him, he was known for his reporting and analysis of publishing, television and social media (for which he was an early evangelist)…

Content, community, commerce

02 Feb 2015, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Advertising, Branding, Content

What goes into building a brand content studio? Marriott knows. Remember I told you about Marriott’s new content venture back in October? How they wanted to be the Red Bull of the hotel industry? Well projects and announcements have started coming out, and it seems…

Best Practices: How to Build a Culture of Content

26 Jan 2015, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Branding, Content

Having a hard time implementing a content strategy in your organization? You’re not alone. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and, per dollar invested, generates about three times as many leads. Those are big numbers. But still, it remains hard to get the…