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I ♥ stop motion

11 Mar 2010, Posted by Julie Dufour in Uncategorized

Stop motion is a frame-by-frame animation technique closely related to cartoons. It involves taking a number of photographs of objects and moving them ever so slightly between each shot. Viewed at high speeds, it gives the illusion that the whole is alive. The results are…


03 Feb 2010, Posted by Julie Dufour in Design, Life

Rethink Scholarship at Langara 2010 Call for Entries from Rory O’Sullivan on Vimeo. I have great admiration for the work of creatives, as they give shape to an idea. How many times have I come to a brief having no clue about its creative solution?…

The End of Unproportionnate Gifts

01 May 2009, Posted by Julie Dufour in Design

It’s the beginning of May… it’s the perfect time to start talking about Christmas, isn’t it? Well, at least it gives you plenty of time to innocently leave this handy list lying around to avoid inappropriate gifts! Via : Simon Cook alias Cookie et Grainedit

And What Were You Doing When You Were 15 Years Old ?

29 Apr 2009, Posted by Julie Dufour in Art

<p>A much too short time ago, I discovered the photographic talent of <a href=””>Olivia Bee</a>. At barely 15 years old, this young lady does surprising work for her age. The staging, subject and light treatment come together to bring us somewhere where poetry, enigma and…

Daddy! How Are Babies Made ?

27 Apr 2009, Posted by Julie Dufour in Life

Tricky question to answer, isn’t it? Here is a lovely way to do so that you can discover by clicking HERE.

What If We Took the Time?

22 Apr 2009, Posted by Julie Dufour in Art

Now that practically everything can be done at the speed of light (for real!!), there is one trend that has developed over the course of the past few years: Slow Food. Its leitmotiv? Take the time. Learn more about it here. This way of life…

Discovering or rediscovering Montreal

07 Apr 2009, Posted by Julie Dufour in Urban

Design*Sponge offers a lovely city guide. It is rather design-oriented, but not exclusively… Something to help make beautiful and surprising discoveries. Isn’t playing tourist in your own city a luxury? Via: Design*Sponge. Photo credit : Nino H

April Fool’s!

01 Apr 2009, Posted by Julie Dufour in Life

On April 1st, tradition has it to play jokes or tricks on people. But where does this custom originate from? In France, up until 1564, the new year was celebrated on April 1st, until Charles IX decided to move it to January 1st. When April…

Beyond Reality : an Organic Font

30 Mar 2009, Posted by Julie Dufour in Type, Urban

What I like about photography is that it teaches us to look beyond what we see. When I stumble upon this type of work, I figure that some people have magic eyes.