Storytelling and radio, what a mix

23 Feb 2012, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Life, Media Convergence, Urban, Work

I’ve been listening to Vinyl Cafe, broadcasted on CBC Radio, for a long time now. Each week, Stuart McLean illustrates the power of spoken word by telling us simply–without any fuss–a story. There’s Dave, Morley, the dog, and the kids, of course, but also the…

Movember 2010 post-mortem: How We Raised Over $3,000

13 Dec 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Life, Toast, Urban

If you know Toast well or well enough, you certainly have heard of Movember throughout the month of November (We particularly pushed the subject on our Facebook page). We are especially proud of the sum we raised during our first participation in this movement. Now…

.WWF: A green alternative to .PDF

08 Dec 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Advertising, Life, Techno, Urban

A brilliant and oh so simple alternative by WWF Germany. WWF documents are similar to PDFs, but they are non-printable. Download the WWF software, save your document in the new format and protect the environment. (via adverblog)

Sharpie rewrites itself with the « Liquid Pencil »

09 Aug 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Design, Life

Just so to prove that you have to keep going back to the drawing board to stay ahead of the pack, even when you have your market share. Sharpie, everybody knows, right. Their felt tips are so convenient, available in so many colours and sizes….

Defining innovation

22 Jun 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Innovation, Life

In a recent post on the innovator’s perception, Ellen Di Resta highlights the importance of accurately reading an individual and the way they see the world before assessing their ability to innovate. What I do know now is that when you are assessing someone’s ability…

iPhone4 + Community of Deaf People = Excitement

07 Jun 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Life, Techno, Urban, Work

Apple announced the launch of the iPhone 4 today (July in Canada). Obviosuly, it creates great excitement in the tech community (guilty as charged, being a consummate early adopter*). I do, however, think that one community—one who overal rarely gets emotional about new techno gizmos–will…

Collective unconscious

14 Apr 2010, Posted by Lionel Michée in Design, Life

Funny how some images have such a strong identity that they are forever related to a style, a mood, an era. It’s what is referred to as connotation, which is the very essence of communication. Images by Eyke Volkmer