A new platform: a tablet for children

18 Sep 2012, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Innovation, Interactive, Techno, Transmedia

Tabeo, a tablet for children developed by Toys’R’Us. If your products are intended for young people, you know that everything needs to be conceived and reconceived for the specific audience you’re targeting. Content is constantly adapting to its targeted public, but what about now when…

Our Tools: Large File Transfer via WeTransfer

01 Mar 2012, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Techno, Toast, Tools

This post is the first of a series showing the tools we use at Toast Studio—tools that enable a design studio like ours to work in high gear. As an agency (as for many other companies), we very often have to send loads of large…

Porn and Innovation On Line, Prostitution and Direct Payment, Small Business Branding for Not-So-Small Businesses (#3Links)

15 Dec 2011, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Branding, Design, Innovation, Interactive, Techno, Urban, Voyeur

A very simply string, #3Links offers a selection of interesting articles chosen among our reading lists of the last few days. Porn Is No Longer A Leading Indicator of Web Innovation Evetybody knows that the Internet porn industry is far bigger that we think. For “ages”, the…

.WWF: A green alternative to .PDF

08 Dec 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Advertising, Life, Techno, Urban

A brilliant and oh so simple alternative by WWF Germany. WWF documents are similar to PDFs, but they are non-printable. Download the WWF software, save your document in the new format and protect the environment. (via adverblog)

Photoshop and iTunes Now Available in 3.5″ floppy disks!

06 Dec 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Art, Design, Techno

Nowadays, computer science teachers are faced with an odd challenge. Explaining the meaning of the “Save” icon on most applications, namely : the floppy disk, aka the diskette. Indeed, most young people today wouldn’t know a floppy disk if it bit them in the flash….

WebP, Google’s New Image Format

16 Oct 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Interactive, Techno, Tools

Google recently announced the release of its new image compression format, called WebP (pronounced Weppy, or wĕpˈē). Google’s primary objective is to modernise image formats on the Web as to reduce the loading time of web pages. It’s now possible to convert PNG, JPEG and…

NuCaptcha: unintelligible words now on video

19 Aug 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Interactive, Techno

First off, what’s a Captcha? A Captcha is a type of test designed to tell man (aka user) from machine (i.e. computer). You no doubt had the opportunity to see such an image composed of scrambled letters on an Internet subscription form. They’re usually painstakingly…