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Why I am Restructuring Toast

26 Mar 2012, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Toast

Toast was born 12 years ago, in 2000, from a desire to “make websites.” In 2004, following client requests, we broadened our offer to work in print and advertising. In 2009, we decided to add a convergence stream, integrating television producers to our clientele. Today,…

Simple Branding is Profitable Branding

14 Jun 2011, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Advertising, Branding, Design, Toast, Work

At Toast, our unofficial motto is that doing business with us should be simple. We want to establish a simple, efficient and relevant relationship. In most cases, we try to infuse this simplicity in our clients’ brand. That’s even more important in multi-platform contexts, where…

Implications and Benefits of Co-Design

23 Jan 2011, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Branding, Design, Innovation, Toast

Co-design is a philosophy which states that if every individual has different ideals and perspectives, then any design process must acknowledge this. But how does that fit in our approach, here at Toast? One point that matters far more than any other is the client’s…