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Toast Tools: Project Management with ActiveCollab

26 Nov 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Toast, Tools

This post is the first of a series showing the tools we use at Toast Studio—tools that enable a design studio like ours to work in high gear. At Toast, we usually have to manage around thirty projects at once. These vary in scale, and…

WebP, Google’s New Image Format

16 Oct 2010, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Interactive, Techno, Tools

Google recently announced the release of its new image compression format, called WebP (pronounced Weppy, or wĕpˈē). Google’s primary objective is to modernise image formats on the Web as to reduce the loading time of web pages. It’s now possible to convert PNG, JPEG and…

Typekit, First Impressions from an Art Director

16 Nov 2009, Posted by Lionel Michée in Interactive, Tools, Type

TypeKit just came out. It’s a lovely tool, a simpler alternative to sIFR (and others such as Cufon). It aims to make every art director happy, by allowing them to use a font other those dictated by web standards. Everything looks good; we tell ourselves…


28 Apr 2009, Posted by Lionel Michée in Art, Tools, Type

<p>It is good to know that our trade of communicators isn’t losing its history or its know-how!</p> <p>Ink, metal and wood; arms, a good eye and the love for a job well done!</p> <p><a href=”″>Letterpress Poster Printing</a> from <a href=””>Joshua Gerken</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p> <p>Via…

Send video email with TokBox

25 Mar 2009, Posted by Samuel Paquet Paré in Interactive, Tools

I just made an interesting discovery: TokBox lets you video chat with your web cam and send video email to any address. Go register on their official website:

Sauce Brune playing at Espace Libre

10 Mar 2009, Posted by Annabelle Fiset in Art, Design, Portfolio, Tools, Work

Sauce Brune, a new production by our beloved friends, Simoniaques Théâtre. An on-going project for the past 6 years with a successful fundraiser 3 years back, it is with pride, tackiness and swearing that they will be at Espace Libre from March 19th to April…

A Privacy Policy Generator

29 Nov 2008, Posted by Alexandre Gravel in Interactive, Tools

In several projects, the legal aspect takes a lot of space while in others it is sometimes (wrongfully) ignored. Be it in terms of rights of use, privacy policies or terms of use (to name a few), mentioning them in meetings does not always put…