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Content Creation

A well-executed content strategy, through high-impact content creation, brings results and engagement with your audience.

An agile and versatile capacity in content creation

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Brand films

Brand Films is a long-form storytelling video. Brand Films is designed to express the brand values in a way that leaves a longer lasting impression to the viewer. Brand films are also meant to be longer, more enjoyable and more immersive than your usual commercial.

Short-form video marketing

Short-form video marketing can take the form of teasers, pre-roll videos, social content, newsletter content, and the list goes on. It’s the art of keeping it short, sweet and engaging, since we know that more than half of the videos that are 90 seconds or less are watched to completion.

Branded documentaries

  • Branded documentaries, just like brand films are designed to create brand awareness, engage audiences and generate leads. Plus, the movie format is so entertaining; audiences don’t even realize they are branded.

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Written articles are part of the foundation of any content marketing campaign. Through our bank of more than 300 freelancers or with our in-house editors, we prioritize finding the person who could best appropriate the tone and voice of your brand.

Types of written content: long articles, aggregation of articles, listicles, blog articles, interviews, tips and tricks etc.

White papers

White papers are a long form of content marketing that we could produce side by side your team. Designed with your products in mind, these papers main goal will be to present selected facts, offers and arguments. Our approach will be to accompany you in the wording, storytelling and design of these papers. As well as help with deployment to reach great visibility in search engine results and thus build web traffic or registration.


Whether in our Studio or on location, photo shoots are a production method we can assist you with. Throughout the years we worked on food and drinks photography, portraits, product shoots, event coverage, lifestyle photography and 360 images.

Content Asset Optimization (SEO, copywriting, upgrades)

The coordination, creation and strategic planning of SEO tactics. Meaning how can we leverage your digital channels with to gain more visibility or increase conversion. More specifically how can we help you with an optimal content strategy and production techniques that will increase your Google rank.

Content adaptation in 12 languages

At the crossroads between writing and translation, adaptation work transposes concepts or emotions from one language to another. Our specialists know how to immerse themselves and transpose the idea behind them in a dozen languages.

Improve your knowledge on content production, one week at a time

Every Monday morning, we send a single article to read to over 3,000 key industry players. We talk about content marketing, branded content and television production. You will receive one single article per week from us. Just one. That’s a promise.