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A flexible approach to your content strategy

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Content strategy bootcamp

The bootcamp is the kick-off meeting to what will become your content strategy playbook.

A 2 to 3 hour meeting with the Toast team where we have these two main objectives in mind; define the brand identity and clarify the tone and manner.

During the meeting we will discuss the following points:

Step 1: Define the brand identity
– Define the brand’s mission
– Define the brand attributes
– Define sales objectives
– Determine the KPIs of content campaigns

Step 2: Clarify the tone and manner
– Explore emotions, values and personality
– Define the lexicon, brand language and visual language with specific examples
– Establish best practices (do’s and don’ts)
– List angles for social media : key topics, areas of interest, themes, etc.

Business objectives analysis

Clear objectives are essential in achieving meaningful results. They create a clear picture that can be shared with the entire organization, ensuring that everyone knows what their impact on results is.

This analysis ensures that content objectives will be aligned with business objectives. This then makes it possible to set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) content objectives.

Definition of performance indicators (KPI, ROI)

Choose a limited number of quantitative and qualitative performance indicators that will allow the campaign objectives to be properly monitored.

Market research and audience analysis

Market analysis involves collecting data on consumers, competitors and the industry. To identify where you stand on the industry’s positioning map. It is essential to have an overview of what similar brands have as a content strategy in order to have a clear picture of the environment in which you operate.

The audience analysis involves evaluating your current online audience to ensure that it is aligned with your objectives.

Audit of existing content assets

Audit of existing content on your various online platforms (website, facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedIn, etc.). Before producing content, it is essential to examine all the existing content that has been produced so far, which allows us to analyse the strengths and weaknesses.The objective is to integrate the main lessons learned from the audit into the book in the final playbook.

Personas development

Knowing your target audience well in business is essential. This exercise often requires managers to make choices, because “we want to sell to everyone” will not be helpful in content marketing. You must discover and understand the expectations and needs of your audience and all its segments.

Establishing key personas is done by combining an analysis of existing consumer data with brainstorming based on the company’s objectives. From the development of the personas leads to a detailed profile on each of the potential targets. These profiles include age group, interests, social characteristics and purchasing behaviour.

Read more about personas.

Editorial calendar planification

Thanks to the previous steps of our process, it is now possible to position everything in time. An effective annual, quarterly and finally monthly planning ensures that all content is aligned with established objectives. It puts all content in context while facilitating the work of the creation and deployment teams.

Sketching your annual editorial calendar helps to better organize publications on all platforms, to prioritize themes and to anticipate low traffic periods.

Definition of the tone and manner of the brand

The last step in the playbook is to define the tone and manner.

The way you will address your different target audiences, the way your message will be constructed (personality, language, lexicon, visual and written with examples, best practices, do’s and don’ts).

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