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Conquer all of Canada in both official languages

Montreal’s authentic bilingualism stems from a linguistic and cultural context that is unique in the country. It is our secret weapon.  


Activate your bilingual content production from coast to coast.

For your content to resonate across Canada, especially in Quebec, it must be bilingual.

But producing bilingual content does not mean translating all your videos and texts from English to French.

Your content must be adapted to each of your audiences. You must know them well, use their idioms, understand their cultural references, and know what makes them tick.

In English and in French, from the Maritime provinces to Rockies, excellent content tells the right story to the right audience in the right way. And to do that, you have to speak the right language. 

Your audience is bilingual?
Nos contenu aussi.

We are a product of our environment. For the past 20 years, Toast has evolved at the crossroads of ideas in a Montreal that is authentically bilingual and intrinsically creative. Here, we don’t translate the words, we produce the content in both languages.

By adapting your message in a second official language, we will help you conquer new territory, whether it be Calgary or the Gaspé Peninsula.


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Toasties: a clever mix of savoir-être and know-how.

We are used to working with major brands and broadcasters across the country, in both digital and traditional media. We tailor strategies that increase awareness and meet objectives. We take charge of all aspects of the project, from deadline management to post-production. We know the latest trends and old classics. We deploy messages in multi-platform mode, in both official languages, of course, but also in more than 15 other languages.

We are

  • Content Strategists
  • Art Directors
  • Copywriters
  • Graphic Designers
  • Photographers & videographers
  • Community Managers

We do

  • Branded content production across Canada
  • Copywriting of articles, guides, case studies
  • Photography for social networks
  • Video and motion design production
  • Content adaptation (+ 15 languages)
  • Media buying and traffic acquisition
  • Multi-platform deployment

But beyond techniques, we are passionate about brands and their audiences, to produce content that communicates their values. Content that engages, that brings people together, that creates strong bonds, that brings experiences to life.

Because we are first and foremost creators of emotions.

"To engage an audience, the content must evoke an emotion. And emotion cannot be translated. The message must be adapted to the target audience, whether it is French- or English-speaking. We know these audiences, who are different in language and, above all, culture, better than anyone else. That's part of the reason why we're the fastest growing content agency in Canada."

Video Content Production

Video content is a cornerstone of your content library. It is engaging, makes its mark on your audience’s mind and creates a lasting impact. The experience and versatility of our teams ensure agile production, supported by a network of content creators and videographers around the world.

"Toast Studio's help with social media and brand campaigns has been beneficial to business operations and sales. Their team is made up of creative experts who work in a responsive and proactive manner. They rise to any challenge."
Aurélien D.

Editorial Content Production

Editorial content is part of the foundation of any content marketing campaign. This content is the key to search engine optimization and the source of your newsletter content. Whether it’s through our in-house creators or our network of over 300 copywriters and editors, we can assign the right person to take on the tone and voice of your brand.

"They quickly understood where we wanted to go, and took us even further. They made great suggestions and were very creative. They helped put humour into our messaging to make it more engaging."
Pasquale Lo M.

Audio Content Production

Audio content is known for its very personal dimension, its close connection with each member of your audience. Our ability to produce podcasts and audio content allows you to create that strong and lasting relationship based on trust thanks to our studio at Toast, ensuring ideal sound quality.

"Toast Studio has an excellent quality of service and is always willing to experiment when it comes to taking risks. The team is solution-oriented and flexible."
Katy Y.

Photo Content Production

Whether in our studio or on location, photo shoots are a production method through which we can help you elevate your content. Whether it’s for your Instagram account or to feed your internal image bank, our teams and photographers are at your service.

"Toast Studio is a leader in its field."
Nicolas T.
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