Our Team

Toast is a team of close to 30 people, supported by more than 300 regular collaborators that work with us every year, coming from all horizons of creativity, strategy and production. In addition, we can deploy content production teams around the world (192 countries!) through a network of nearly 20,000 journalists and video producers.

We’ve been working for nearly 20 years as if we were a start-up, with a corporate culture that encourages co-creation, both with our internal teams and with our clients.

This is the entire core team, in truly random order because, well, every single person is as important as anyone else here at Toast. Every individual is a leader in his or her own way on our team.

  • Mathilde Boucher McGraw
      Mathilde Boucher McGraw Producer, Television
    • Christian Letendre
        Christian Letendre Social media manager
      • Frédérique Dufort-Plante
          Frédérique Dufort-Plante Project Manager, Branded Content
        • Sandy Suissa
            Sandy Suissa Director, Strategy, Performance and Account Services
          • Danny Coggins
            Danny Coggins Senior Director of Business Development, Montreal (Quebec)
          • Giuliano Bossa
              Giuliano Bossa Assistant Editor
            • Yvonne Larkin
              Yvonne Larkin Director of Business Development, Toronto (Ontario)
            • Martine Brunelle
              Martine Brunelle Accounting
            • Laurence Tellier
                Laurence Tellier Project Manager, Branded Content
              • Amélie Paquet
                Amélie Paquet Producer, branded content
              • Charlotte Van Ginhoven
                  Charlotte Van Ginhoven Content coordinator
                • Alexandre Gravel
                  Alexandre Gravel Founding Partner
                • Xavier Dufour-Larouche
                    Xavier Dufour-Larouche Operations Director
                  • Maxime Vincent
                      Maxime Vincent Content Creator
                    • Mathilde Germain
                        Mathilde Germain Project Manager, Branded Content
                      • Emma Toussaint-Léveillé
                          Emma Toussaint-Léveillé Content Producer
                        • Ève Tessier-Bouchard
                          Ève Tessier-Bouchard Vice president, television
                        • Serge Beauchemin
                          Serge Beauchemin Partner
                        • Ian Quenneville
                          Ian Quenneville Founding Partner
                        • Simon Cliche
                            Simon Cliche Technical Director
                          • Breno Medeiros
                              Breno Medeiros Assistant Editor
                            • Vicky Talbot
                              Vicky Talbot Production Director
                            • Shawn Grenier
                                Shawn Grenier Branded content editor
                              • Mélissa Pitre
                                  Mélissa Pitre Accounting Assistant
                                • Raphaël Martin
                                    Raphaël Martin Producer, Television Development
                                  • Hugues Bélanger
                                      Hugues Bélanger Editor in chief
                                    • Mali Navia
                                        Mali Navia
                                      • Mali Navia
                                          Mali Navia Researcher
                                        • Julie Dalbec
                                          Julie Dalbec Executive producer, branded content
                                        • Noreen Bélanger
                                            Noreen Bélanger Postproduction coordinator
                                          • Isabelle Panet-Raymond
                                            Isabelle Panet-Raymond Producer, branded content
                                          • Catherine Pilotto
                                            Catherine Pilotto Administrative production and post-production coordinator
                                          • Luce Roy
                                              Luce Roy Administration

                                            It’s a devoted team driven by the projects that make up our daily life that allows us to offer a wide range of services in content strategy, creation and performance as well as television production.