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It’s a small world
(“Le monde est petit”)

Let’s explain the latest news and events to young children aged 8 to 10 in a simple and entertaining way, while addressing tough and complex topics.

“It’s a small world” (le monde est petit) has been nominated for the 2020 Awards of Excellence in the category of Best TV Series or Web Series!

More than ever, younger generations are exposed to what is happening in the news. Le monde est petit is a series hosted by Sébastien Leblanc where we are not afraid to discuss grown-up topics, adapting them for children aged 8 to 10. The series explains current topics with sensitivity and clarity to help our younger citizens better understand the world. The purpose is to better equip children and increase their sense of competence. The series also has its own digital platform:

Watch a full episode (in French):


FORMAT : 22-episode digital series


ANIMATOR : Sébastien Leblanc
DIRECTOR : Sophie Proulx-Lachance
CONTENT PRODUCER: Emma Toussaint-Léveillé & Simon Laroche
PRODUCER: Ève Tessier-Bouchard
LINE PRODUCER  : Xavier Dufour-Larouche
PRODUCERS : Ian Quenneville & Alexandre Gravel