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Miss Chic Tonique

The business challenge

Produce a branded content series for and Wixx for girls aged 13 to 17.

Take an existing content brand one step further in order to reach the right target audience with content that is useful to them.

The result of a partnership with Chic Tonique’s bloggers Simone Fortin-Bélanger and Marie-Philippe Jean, the Miss Chic Tonique health-beauty web series is aimed at young girls aged 13 to 17. The project is the result of a year of reflection and work.

The series

With the “big sisters” Marie-Philippe and Simone, the public can discover all the practical tips and latest trends in beauty and training, such as making Instagram selfies like Demi Lovato, adopting Taylor Swift’s cat’s eye, being in shape like Pink and Marie-Mai, and knowing all the make-up tips for the ball, the first day of school, and all the opportunities to celebrate.

These two best friends, so different, but so complementary at the same time, are the most loyal accomplices! Simone, the beauty enthusiast, calls on Marie-Philippe, the active girl, to make her want to move on a daily basis and Marie-Philippe could not go out without having passed under Simone’s brush. Together, they form an engaging and refreshing duo that will simplify your task with tips tested and approved by these new big sisters you’ll want to adopt!

Miss Chic Tonic is the type of original content sought at VRAK. It’s rich, entertaining content, with a practical side and tailored to their target audience. They have the desire to create strong brands from digital media that can shine for themselves.

Opportunities for brands

As the series is shot throughout the year, it also represents interesting integration opportunities for advertisers.

The themes that have been discussed are already established, but the final scripting is done in the days before the shooting. This allows the integration of brands into content, making it an agile brand content platform. An English version is already in discussion with various advertisers.

The series is promoted both on the website and through the broadcasting of TV self-promotions, as well as via YouTube and Facebook.

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