Spam In Your (real) Mailbox: Spot On, Montblanc!

One tried and tested advertising technique, creatively speaking,  consists in transferring one medium’s traditional references to another medium. Here’s a great—and indelible— example:

Darryl Hort (Humongo Agency) received a letter in the mail (the actual physical mail!). He opened the envelope only to discover a hand-written letter that began this way:

“I am Barister Buba, nephew of the former President of Nigeria…”

We’ll let you figure the rest of the letter out…

The sole foreign element in the letter was the post-scriptum note at the bottom of the page, which read:

“Let’s face it, even a letter from an obvious fraudster seems quite authentic when it’s beautifully written by hand. Montblanc – Rediscover the power of the written word.”

This is a truly well done marketing stunt that has a lot of people talking. Some paper, a pen, an idea, a spot-on kicker!

Bravo Montblanc!

(via Brandflakes for Breakfast)